anhinga poster

anhinga poster

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I'm going to tell you a story and it might make you have feelings about it.


I was driving home one day through my neighborhood, and I saw this anhinga wobbling around in the street, twisting its neck in all kinds of crazy ways. It just looked wrong. I stopped my car to get a better look, and saw this red, heart-shaped piece of... something... on its beak, like it tried to skewer it and got stuck. I quietly walked towards to it to give it some help, but it decided I was stranger danger, so it threw up its wings in a panic and waddled away pretty fast, so far into someone's yard it would have been trespassing.


I always wondered if it managed to get free.


The original anhinga drawing is made with pen and ink. It will always firmly live in my book, but I can share it with you now as a digitally printed reproduction from a scan. This print is not archival and measures 11" wide by 14" tall.