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koi poster

koi poster

SKU: koi-11x14

I used to spend a day every weekend reading and drawing at Selby Gardens, a botanical garden in my town. They have a nice koi pond there. Sometimes I bought a paper sack of fish food pellets at the entrance so I could visit and feed them. Once, I decided to park my butt on a bench for a while and try to draw the fish. That was honestly dumb. So many mosquitos. I snapped a pic with my phone and gave up on real life drawing, but I did manage to eek one out of a photo instead for my visual diary. 


The original drawing is pen and ink but this is actually a digitally printed reproduction of that sketchbook page.This print is not archival so it won't last forever. But really, what does. It may be available in two sizes.

The small size ships by USPS First Class envelope or USPS Priority mail tube.

The large size ships by USPS Priority mail tube only. 

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