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myakka park road poster

myakka park road poster

SKU: myakka road-11x14

I live about ten miles away from Myakka River State Park, which is just a lovely place. It's full of mysterious woods, exotic birds, all kinds of aquatic turtles and land tortoises, some really scary wild boar, some not very scary white-tailed deer, a really healthy colony of alligators, and all the trash bandits you'll never want to meet if you're camping and grilling your own dinner. This is a drawing of one of the canopy roads in the park that I like to ride my bicycle on.


The original was drawn with India ink, sable fur brushes, and a quill pen. The original is no longer in my collection, but it's available as a digitally printed poster reproduction. This poster is not archival and measures 14" wide by 11" tall.

It ships by USPS First Class envelope or USPS Priority mail tube.

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