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nuns orchid poster

nuns orchid poster

SKU: nuns orchid-11x14

My sister-in-law once gave me a small nuns orchid, a terrestrial orchid that grows in the ground in dirt. I planted it in a larger pot, and it thrived for some years in the shade of a mango tree in my back yard. I drew it many times and at different points of blooming or not blooming. Unfortunately, it grew so well, it needed a bigger pot, and I didn't get on it in time, so I pretty much killed it. I still have the memory in my drawings, though. It was a really pretty plant. Would recommend 100%.


The original sketchbook drawing is pen and ink. That book page was scanned, and then digitally printed into this thing you're looking at. It's not archival, but should last a long time if it's not in direct sunlight. You might be sick of it by then. 

The small size ships by USPS First Class envelope or USPS Priority mail tube.

The large size ships by USPS Priority mail tube only. 

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