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the reluctant extrovert

This is Sarah. She has a quest for me.

I am, and will probably always be an introvert. Ever since I was the kid making up imaginary talk shows with my stuffed animals to kill some time. Yes, I was a tiny talk show host. My musical guests were my Sesame Street records. Sesame Street Fever? Hell yeah! Sometimes I'd even perform an electrifying little dance number. Those were some good times!

For the last few years, I was perfectly fine plugging along in my work, doing my solitary business, drawing and printing and keeping myself busy. For as much as crack "I have no friends" jokes, I really do have friends, and some good ones, but I've been terrible about being in touch. And then Covid happened. After a while, my old friends from various parts of the world (hey, I've been around) started getting in touch, asking about how I've been coping with the world on its ear, and what I'm up to these days because WOW it's been so long. You're still drawing? Are you still making postal art? Are you still printing? How many cats are you up to now? WAIT, WHAT? You started playing Dungeons & Dragons?

A lot of Zoom, Google Meets, and Discord calls later, I've decided to take up a blog again, to demystify to everyone exactly what kind of good and no-good I get up to. So this is me, exposing myself to you and everyone else. Scary on so many levels.

My goal is to, maybe once a month, maybe more if life is *extra* interesting, check in and share with you any of these things:

• some works in progress, as I have a couple going in tandem at any given time

• a little process talk, both conceptual and technical, for traditional and digital drawing and hand printing

• maybe some updates on events or outreach I'm doing, like gallery shows and drawing meet-ups

• occasional notes on my journey into the world of learning 3D modeling and printing

• noteworthy postal art in my real life inbox ( you can send me stuff! I will answer, eventually.)

• a possibly quite entertaining summary of whatever completely surreal situations occur that I'm witness or party to. I have always been a freak magnet, as well as an introvert. I sure do have some ridiculous stories.

• and more, I would hope. If I'm not growing and learning, then I'm not happy.

What kinds of things do you do differently these days, in the middle of the pandemic, to keep up your relationships with people who live *just* far enough away to make it a struggle?

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