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ybor city rooster poster

ybor city rooster poster

SKU: ybor rooster-11x14

If you've never been to Tampa, then you probably don't know about the chickens that live on the streets of Ybor City, the historic Cuban neighborhood downtown.  They are, I don't know, feral gutter chickens that roost in the oak trees of the local park and run around the streets during the day. They are protected by a bird sanctuary ordinance, and I have to say, what a life that must be for a free-roaming urban chicken! This one was in a flock crossing an old railroad track.


The original rooster drawing is made with pen and ink. It will always firmly live in my book, but I can share it with you now as a digitally printed reproduction from a scan. This print is not archival and measures 11" wide by 14" tall.

It ships by USPS First Class envelope or USPS Priority mail tube.

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