Sandra Lefever is an artist, designer, printmaker, and cat herder. She's a Florida native who holds a BFA in Studio Art with University Honors from Carnegie Mellon University. Her father's family were Florida settlers, living around southwest Florida since the 1850s. Her mother emigrated to the United States from Korea. Beside Florida, Sandra has lived in Pittsburgh, New York City, and Helsinki, and has exhibited work in Florida, New York, and California. She's well on her way to being a stereotypical crazy cat lady and has no regrets.

Sandra is open to commissions, especially, but not limited to, portraiture and pet portraits. Ask! It can't hurt.



Growing up as a mixed heritage child at a time and in a geographical area where this was uncommon, and in an area reliant on tourism and the branding of its own image, I have always had interest in the identity of people and places. This is where my interest in exploring “otherness” originates, the place where perception and interpretation intersects with the genuine and real. The Flemish Renaissance and the art of Edo Japan have been very influential on me for the study of technical skill as well as examples of magical realism in everyday life. My current work uses pen and ink drawing to illustrate and document parks, preserves, and the animals that live in and rely on those protected, public spaces.